TP Link is a well-established and famous brand known for manufacturing the best quality devices such as cable modems, mobile phones, routers, switches, and other computer networking devices. Thus for all users, we have discussed the setup, login, firmware update, and other necessary details related to TPLinkWifi.

TPLinkWifi provides high performance to its users, and the users can take full-advantages of the device. But for that, it is mandatory to setup the TPLink router. Moreover, once the user successfully configures the router, then they can enjoy high-speed internet. Furthermore, it is suitable for homes or small offices. 

The users can configure the TPLinkWifi device setting through the official website, It is a default gateway used to access the router’s login page. The user can make the desired changes to the router’s settings from the official page once they login to the tp-link router login page. 

The users are suggested to open the official login page to get access to the latest features. Thus, the official page consists of all the details about the TPLink device. Therefore, the user can easily setup, update firmware, resolve not working issues, and all other necessary information.

Steps to consider to get the TPLinWifi devices in Working condition

All users are suggested to consider the following steps to get their TPLinkWifi device in working condition.

    • Carefully connect the modem to the router via Ethernet cable.
    • Connect any wireless device to the LAN port of the tplink device through the Ethernet cable.
    • Turn ON all devices.
    • On the device, open the web browser and then access the tplink router login page.
    • In the address bar, type the official website, i.e.,
    • Ensure that the devices are correctly connected to the wireless network.
    • Now proceed by entering the login credentials such as “username” and the “password.”
    • After this, once the user clicks on the “Login” button, they will be redirected to the setup wizard window.


After this, to accomplish the setup procedure, follow the steps mentioned below.

How to Login TP Link router via

The users are suggested to follow the steps discussed below to login to the TP Link device via 

    • Firstly the users are suggested to connect the system to the router they wish to login using the Ethernet cable.
    • Make sure to open the web browser on the same device. 
    • Then in the address bar of the web browser, type
    • After this, the login page will appear on the screen. 
    • Then the users are suggested to type the username and the password to access the login page.
    • Note: The users are suggested to enter “Admin” in the “username” & “password” field on the login page.

Once the user successfully logins to the TP Link login page, they can proceed further with the setup procedure provided below

How to Setup the TPLink router through

Once the user has logged in successfully to the router’s interface, they can easily change the router’s settings according to their requirement. Moreover, through the steps provided below, it would become easy for all users to easily setup and configure the TPLinkWifi device. 

    • Note: Before proceeding further with the setup process, make sure that the connections are made successfully. So, connect the modem to the router’s WLAN port with the help of the Ethernet Cable.
    • Ensure that the system’s connection to any of the LAN ports of the router is done correctly. 
    • After this, turn “OFF” the router and then again turn it “ON.”
    • Now open the web browser, and then in the address bar, type
    • After this, the login page will appear on the screen.
    • Then from there, the users are suggested to enter the default username and the password.
    • After this, the Setup Wizard will appear on the screen.

After that, click on “Next” to get started and follow the on-screen prompts to setup the network.

How to setup a TPLinkWifi device using the WPS button?

The users can setup a TPLinkWifi device via the WPS button. So, follow the prompts penned below.

    • Carefully insert the adapter into the power outlet.
    • After this, on the TPLink router, long-press the WPS button.
    • Now immediately press the Wi-Fi button on the Wi-Fi extender. 
    • In case if the wireless signal is “OFF,” then there is a connection failure.
    • If there is a wireless signal on the system, then the connection has been established successfully.
    • After this, change the position of the extender once the setup is done successfully.

How to reset the TPLinkWifi device?

The users can easily reset the TPLink device by performing the following steps provided below.

    • The users facing any issue, i.e., not working, are suggested to reset their router.
    • Now find and press the reset button on the tp link device to perform the reset button.
    • The users are suggested to press and hold the reset button with the pointed device.
    • After this, hold the button till the LED light on the router starts flashing.
    • Once done, the users are suggested to release the button and wait for the light to become stable.
    • Note: All configurations of the TPLink wifi router will get reset.


After performing the reset, all device settings will set back to the factory defaults, and the user will have to configure the TPLinkWifi device once again.

How to update firmware on a TPLink device?

The users looking for the steps to update the firmware on the TPLink router are suggested to perform the steps mentioned below.

    • Open the internet browser and then open
    • After this, the users are suggested to select the type and the model number.
    • Then the user will get redirected to a new page containing the details of the TPlinkrepeater device.
    • There are the following options available such as “Setup Video,” “FAQ,” “Firmware,” and “GPL Code.”
    • From there, the users are suggested to click on the “Firmware.
    • After this, the “ZIP” file will get downloaded on the system.
    • Then open the “ZIP” file, and then it will show two links.
    • Then the users are recommended to open the link and follow the on-screen prompts.
    • Note: The user can also open the or to update the firmware.
    • Now once the page gets open on the screen, then search for the update firmware option and click on it.

So, by following these steps, the user can easily setup, login, update, reset their TPLinkWifi devices.